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Dandelion Black and white united. A green log images/47_thumb.jpg images/48_thumb.jpg Toilet Queue at Aker Brygge Akershus Festning Road construction Bad habits brokenflower Bent nail   Electric car images/60_thumb.jpg Fallen tree Another dead fly Church Self portrait Colorful art passing train passing train Yellow rose pathway in the grass Old church in a construction field Railroad tracks Bondivann   Bottomless pit Fanta explosion Bondivatn Bondivatn images/79_thumb.jpg images/80_thumb.jpg images/81_thumb.jpg Ants on the move Red light 76 Fenced in the darkness images/87_thumb.jpg Red currant Lego Piping.   Tusenfryd rollercoaster Party people  Semsvannet Semsvannet Lightning Lightning Lightning strikes Lightning Waterfall Window reflection Which way out? Taxi lines Supersplash Traffic at night Traffic at night Hvalstrand ┼s videregňende skole images/110_thumb.jpg Construction Semsvannet My email has been bugged Portrait Friendly horses Ocean sky Waiting for the bus Rainbow Asker at night Aker Brygge Aker Brygge Fountain Surfing the waves of information Lightwaves Blue Flower Into the forest Red sky 'what is your opinion on ..' TV Interview Akershus Festning Open skies Wasp eating a plum Hungry wasp HolmenskjŠret HolmenskjŠret Late night Canon EF-S 10-22/3,5-4,5 USM Karl Johans gate Wrestling at HW-LAN Ant A photographer and his model Tina Line The Studio Line Line Line HW-LAN Green fields Freedom Fornebu Fornebu Asker Arne moon moon Vollen Vollen Kalv°ya images/162_thumb.jpg images/163_thumb.jpg images/164_thumb.jpg images/165_thumb.jpg Lonely moon Headlights in the distance Ice drops images/169_thumb.jpg Into the forest images/171_thumb.jpg images/172_thumb.jpg images/173_thumb.jpg Playing with matches winter Eiffel Tower Self Portrait Louvre Louvre Arc de Triumphe Etuile Arc de Triumphe Etuile Eiffel Tower Notre Dame Mac Mini Busy subway Subway flying by The Disco Tower of paris formerly known as the eiffel tower. images/189_thumb.jpg Paris Eiffel Tower French police Arc de Triumphe Etuile Notre Dame Eiffel Tower The bad side of an escalator My brother and I Eiffel Tower images/200_thumb.jpg Eiffel Tower Ambulance + abuse = ambuse Arc de Triumphe Etuile images/204_thumb.jpg Paris Wheel Fire Sundown images/208_thumb.jpg Winter snow Snow Airplanes Airplanes Asker Waiting for sunshine I\'m Stewie (Stewie Griffin casemod) Spider in the snow Flower covered in snow Flower covered in snow Flower sticking up in the snow Flower covered in snow Fine texture \'stuck in the middle with you\' images/226_thumb.jpg images/227_thumb.jpg Rocks  The last stop Left alone Bowling Chained up Flower Caught in the web Roses dancing in the rain at the edge of the road images/239_thumb.jpg images/240_thumb.jpg Ant the hunt has begun Hungry ant disconnected. Hanging out Door lock Three different types of locks Gone fishing Water balloon war. Asker train station Asker train station Asker train station Trash.  Caught in the web Cigarette butt River River River Tangled chain Aker Brygge   escalators at nasjonaltheateret train station Rebar Rebar Rebar Shortest way out Summer of 2007 Baby Shoe Barbecue  View Rocks Texture Rocks The Ocean The freedom to fly. Construction missing safety ring Lonely Leaf Sj°strand Bark Duck A thirsty duck Seagulls. Seagull Kalv°ya Rock Kalv°ya Kalv°ya Kalv°ya Kalv°ya  bicycle gear My Bike Lotte Jumping away Lonely moon Bentley Construction images/304_thumb.jpg images/305_thumb.jpg images/306_thumb.jpg Red barn car wash Water droplets My current setup Pie Vardňsen Akershus Festning Mountain Climbing Yellow automn leaves Yellow automn leaves Autumn leaves Fallen chestnuts the long lines of traffic Swan dive Red autumn leaves fireworks fireworks fireworks Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008 Winter images/327_thumb.jpg Winter forest Frozen cable White winter Cold bench  Footsteps in the snow Car trouble Pier Burger King Swastika Opel Blitz Opel Blitz German motorbike German transport vehicle Gunnar S°nsteby, on the set of Max Manus Interested police officer Traffic control Behind the scenes of Max Manus Behind the scenes of Max Manus Behind the scenes of Max Manus images/348_thumb.jpg images/349_thumb.jpg Karl Johans gate images/351_thumb.jpg images/352_thumb.jpg TV Interview on the set of Max Manus images/354_thumb.jpg images/355_thumb.jpg images/356_thumb.jpg Nazi propaganda images/358_thumb.jpg images/359_thumb.jpg Nasjonal samling propaganda poster Nazi propaganda Nazi officer Nazi foot soldiers Nazi officer and a foot soldier images/365_thumb.jpg Nazi soldiers images/367_thumb.jpg MG34 MG34 German nazi soldiers images/371_thumb.jpg images/372_thumb.jpg images/373_thumb.jpg images/374_thumb.jpg   German soldiers patroling the Norwegian parliament German soldier being greeted by Norwegians The Norwegian parliament(Stortinget) Germany triumphs all fronts The Nazi flag raised on the Norwegian parliament Urban Jungle Out of order. Nazi invasion Old setup Bubmle bee An old car Burning dandelion Bumble bee on a peony Ladybird Looking up HTC Touch Diamond Cars are fun Calm sky cool breeze barbecue Oslo Vigelandsparken Oslo Opera House Oslo Opera House Nice view Rugged flower small strawberries small strawberries Red currant Red currant Red currant Shovel Raspberries Tomatoes farm field farm field Flower Flower Red currant Bumble bee Bumble bee New hardware Strawberries Strawberries Cars are fun Cars are fun Harddrive the trails of highway Oslo Opera House Flowers Flowers wasp Overtime Snowy tree Icicle Accident Leather Jacket Looking back Street view Apple tree White lines Dandelion Green alley Self portrait Oslo Opera House waffle batter Waffles Waffles Waffles Waffles Waffles Leaf  Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi Oslo Opera House Kiwi Kiwi images/459_thumb.jpg Green salad Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010 Touch of gold Touch of gold Fireplace Purple Fabric Purple Fabric Touch of gold Fireplace Snow Salad Fireplace Big Horn Photography prohibited Louvre Trainstation A photo a day #01 A photo a day #01 / Ant A photo a day #01 / New flowers A photo a day #02 / Flowers A photo a day #02 / White Flower A photo a day #02 / White Flowers A photo a day #04 / Yellow Flower A photo a day #04 / Blue Flower A photo a day #05 / Headphones A photo a day #07 / Rain A photo a day #07 / Rain A photo a day #07 / Rain A photo a day #07 / Rain A photo a day #07 / Rain A photo a day #07 / Rain A photo a day #09 / 24 Finale A photo a day #15 / White Flower A photo a day #15 / White Flower A photo a day #18 / Hortencia A photo a day #18 / Hortencia A photo a day #21 / Fly A photo a day #27 / White flower A photo a day #27 / White flower A photo a day #27 / White flower Rest stop Mountains Eagle's Nest / Kehlsteinhaus Kehlsteinhaus / Eagle's Nest Eagle's Nest / Kehlsteinhaus The Alps Water Under the Bridge Waterfall Hortencia Hortencia Farm Field Eiffel Tower Leaves images/746_thumb.jpg images/747_thumb.jpg
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