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passing train passing train Bondivatn Bondivatn brokenflower.org: images/79_thumb.jpg brokenflower.org: images/80_thumb.jpg brokenflower.org: images/81_thumb.jpg Out late for some quick shots brokenflower.org: images/87_thumb.jpg Party people  Lightning Lightning Lightning strikes Waterfall Traffic at night Traffic at night Asker at night Aker Brygge Aker Brygge Surfing the waves of information Lightwaves HolmenskjŠret HolmenskjŠret Late night Vollen Vollen Kalv°ya brokenflower.org: images/162_thumb.jpg brokenflower.org: images/163_thumb.jpg brokenflower.org: images/164_thumb.jpg brokenflower.org: images/165_thumb.jpg Lonely moon brokenflower.org: images/173_thumb.jpg Arc de Triumphe Etuile Arc de Triumphe Etuile Notre Dame Busy subway Subway flying by brokenflower.org: images/189_thumb.jpg Paris The bad side of an escalator brokenflower.org: images/200_thumb.jpg Ambulance + abuse = ambuse brokenflower.org: images/204_thumb.jpg Asker Lonely moon fireworks fireworks fireworks Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008 Oslo Opera House Oslo Opera House the trails of highway Oslo Opera House Oslo Opera House Dirt Road Amulance rushing towards Sandvika Road work Traffic Traffic Nightsky Nightsky Nightsky Nightsky Out in the dark Hvalstrand
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