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Oslo opera house
We've been planning a trip for a while, and because the 24-70 broke, and it is end of life from canon i decided to purchase a new camera as well as replacing my 24-70, I landed on the Nikon Z6 II for a few reasons, from what I can tell from using the camera for a few days it is way more modern and updated than my Canon 5D Mark III was, I am also able to pair it to my phone to add geo data for photos, that is quite neat, and it can also download a copy to the phone after each shot, it is really weird to use a EVF instead of a OVF, I will get used to it, I hope, and I hope it wont cause any problems capturing stars on our upcoming trip

I also decided to replace/upgrade the 17-40, because the fringer adapter bugs sometimes from my initial testing, the 70-200 didn't work at all, it does however enable shooting with the 24-70, and sometimes I can even change the aperture, it still wont shoot on the canon though.
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Oslo opera house
📅 2023/04/08 @ 14:13
📷 Camera: NIKON Z 6_2 (NIKON CORPORATION) using a NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S @22.5mm (1/160 f/10 ISO: 100)
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