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My photoblog was started just because I needed to quickly host a few images, and I wanted them do be displayed in my order, so in five minutes i wrote a basic code, after a few days i updated the code, after another few days another updates and so forth, I'm pretty OK with the current code, and have spread it to a few of my friends
don't bother asking for the code though, not many servers support exif_read_data() and not too many servers support imagemagick either, and php-gd deletes exif for some reason.

List of current users:
this page was last updated Tue, 25 Jun 2019 01:39:16 PM

the new version was called v2, but is a complete rewrite. so these changes refer to the old version.
v2.9 - redesigned and changed some stuff.
v2.8 - suggestion system for other images a viewer might enjoy.
- v2.8.1 - atom feed.
v2.7 - top10 list with your last ten votes also displayed
v2.6 - rating system added.
v2.5 - further updates to the admin interface.
- a couple new features for admins.
- some search engine optimizations.
v2.4 - redesigned admin interface
- major improvements to the admin interface.
v2.3 - redesigned
- updated some of the code.
- v2.3.2 javascript for exif, some other changes as well
v2.2 - tag cloud introduced.
- v2.2.2 tag cloud updated, seven "levels" instead of just five
v2.1 - delete function reintroduced.
v2.0 - tags and search added.
- v2.0 - improved some other code.
v1.8 - photoblog "reversed" first picture is now the last and vice versa
- v1.8 - EXIF page updated.
v1.7 - small changes to the exif page.
v1.6 - some fixes and tweaks
- v1.4 bug fixed, upload date added to the "database".
v1.5 - removed the changelog from the script itself.
- v1.5 - turns out i forgot to make sure that the delete button actually worked, it does now
- v1.5 - not sure if the delete function will be a bitch and delete too much so please add a title/caption before deleting just to be sure
v1.4 - added title and captions for images
- v1.4 - bug discovered, not fixed(edit image 11, then 1,same with 22 and 2 and so on).
- v1.4.1 - minor bugs fixed
- v1.4.3 - next and previous links for thumbsies too, requested by Sverre, also added a few more variables to the config file
- v1.4.4 - code optimization, few fixes
- v1.4.5 - bug fixed, uploading images with space in filename will not cause problems anymore
v1.3 - rewrote and optimzed some code.
- v1.3.1 - next and previous links now use array_search instead. (allows for real filenames)
- v1.3.2 - found and removed a bug with uppercase fileextensions (forcing lowercase extensions)
v1.2 - a few bug fixes, added view all link for thumbsies
v1.1 - updated thumbsies page
v1.0.1 - updated the exif script to display the real time of then the picture was taken
v1.0 - rewrote the entire admin section.
v0.5 - valid xhtml 1.0 sctrict, added tag too<br/> v0.4 - minor updates<br/> - next and previous text changed to: < > added first and last image links too: <br/> v0.3 - exif<br/> v0.2 - thumbsies<br/> - thumbsies are generated on-the-fly<br/> v0.1 - last and first images are marked as being first or last<br/> v0.0 - rewrote most of the code<br/> v0.0-beta - Initial version, written in five minutes when i needed to upload a few images quickly.<br/> <br/><br/> known bugs:<br/> <strike>uploading pictures by FTP with spaces in will cause problems, this is being addressed in 1.4.5</strike> - fixed<br/> <strike>editing the title for picture 1 will also edit title for picture 11,21,31,41 and so forth, but only if no title/caption exists.</strike> fixed v1.6<br/> deleting images will result in problems when uploading new ones.<br/> <br/> todo:<br/> <strike>Tags (v2.0)</strike><br/> <strike>Tag cloud (v2.2)</strike><br/> <strike>Search (v2.0 at the latest)</strike><br/> <strike>rating</strike><br/> commenting<br/> </div> <div id="footer"><ul><li>- /</li> <li><<a href="?alpha">main</a>></li><li> <<a href="?bravo">about</a>></li> <li><<a href="?juliet">contact form</a>></li></ul> </div> </div> </body> </html>