about brokenflower.org
here the picture which inspired the domain name can be found
in the link above, the previous link can be used to get a close-up version of the flower. the image directly linked to was taken with my Canon 350D, the close-up was taken with my RICOH Caplio R3.

DNS and hosting
the domain was purchased through DynDNS, I'm hosting the site myself.

Why doesnt this site work in Internet Explorer?
because iexplore doesnt support the W3C standards
the site works perfect in firefox,Safari,Chrome and Opera

Can I get the source code for my photoblog?
No, I don't feel comfortable sharing the code and it's not really that great.

Why does it say alpha,bravo,charlie and so forth in the links and in the header sometimes?
Instead of going a,b,c I decided to use the NATO alphabet